Boxer shorts, next to men's briefs, are among the most frequently chosen underwear by men. Gentlemen often use them for a simple reason – they are extremely comfortable and universal! In addition, they still delight with their simplicity.


Atlantic boxer shorts have an extraordinary design and are made of 100 per cent cotton, Pima cotton or bamboo, which is their great advantage! The products in our offer are a treat for men who want to feel comfortable throughout the day and have no restrictions of movement! We offer a wide range of products with various cuts and materials used for their production:

  • 100% cotton boxer shorts
  • Pima cotton boxer shorts
  • Bamboo boxer shorts


The most important features of the Atlantic boxer shorts are:

  • perfect fit;
  • high-quality natural knitted fabrics;
  • non-compressive, flexible waistbands.


How to choose the perfect boxer shorts?

When buying men's boxer shorts, pay attention to the width of the waist, height and length of the legs. At Atlantic you will find various types of boxer shorts, so you can choose the shape that suits you best:

  • loose boxer shorts – loose boxer shorts with a classic cut, standard waist height and legs reaching mid-thigh. Their loose cut ensures comfort and freedom of movement. They are made of cotton.
  • standard / slim-fit boxer shorts – boxer shorts with a sporty cut - low waist and standard length legs. Thanks to enhancing cuts, they fit perfectly and adapt to the body. They are recommended for every man.
  • long boxer shorts – boxer shorts have a long and low waist, finished with an exceptionally soft exposed waistband. A breathable mesh panel sewn on the back and a durable panel sewn in the crotch will ensure comfort in any situation, even during extreme effort.


Ladies can give their men a gift for Man's day or birthday by purchasing the Giftbox Limited Edition, which consists of boxer shorts (one pair or two pairs) in a box with the same pattern as on the underwear. This is an original gift idea for an original guy!

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