Premium men's underwear was created for demanding men who expect comfort and high quality. These requirements are met by Atlantic men's thongs, briefs and boxer shorts.

High-quality men's underwear

We use unique materials are for the production of premium men's underwear. What distinguishes it?

• Bamboo underwear –  a delicate and soft material, yet durable. It has anti-bacterial properties, thanks to which it not only prevents unpleasant odours but also creates a feeling of long-lasting freshness. In addition, bamboo has thermoregulatory properties –  it warms in winter and gives a feeling of cooling on warm days. It is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers and fans of eco clothing.

• Pima cotton underwear –  recognized as the best cotton in the world. It is distinguished by softness and durability. Due to the thickness of the fabric, products made of Pima cotton can last up to 50% longer than those made of classic cotton. Importantly, it is made without the use of chemicals, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

• Modal underwear –  a fibre with a characteristic sheen. Perfectly adheres to the body and is soft to the touch. The light structure makes the fabric airy and very body-friendly. It is also eco-friendly. Its production process uses much less water than other materials.

Atlantic men's premium underwear features

The high quality of materials is not the only distinguishing feature of Atlantic men's underwear. The products of this category are made with the help of modern technologies. Thanks to this, we can combine the designer look and comfortable cut with the best fabrics. We take care of every detail to ensure high comfort of wearing. Atlantic underwear also has a soft and elastic microfibre band, which does not compress the waist and does not leave any characteristic marks.

This is why our products are chosen by men who want to look fashionable and stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.

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Kolekcja Premium to materiały najwyższej jakości. Slipy i bokseki męskie wykonane zostały z bawełny pima, bambusa oraz mikromodalu. Elegancka i stylowa bielizna premium zadowoli najbrdziej wymagających mężczyzn.




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