The choice of the best men's boxers should be based on the comfort of wearing them. Men want freedom of movement, whether they are in a business meeting or lounging lazily on the couch. In each of these cases (and not only these), modal underwear will work as well. Why is it worth paying attention to?


Comfortable boxer shorts for men

Modal is another material, after cotton, bamboo and microfibre that we use at Atlantic to produce high-quality men's underwear. Its fibres have a characteristic satin gloss. The material itself is soft and pleasant to the touch, which ensures great wearing comfort.

In addition, modal underwear perfectly adheres to the body. At the same time, it is skin-friendly and airy, which allows the skin to breathe, ensuring comfort even on hot days. An important advantage of modal underwear is the fact that it can absorb up to 50% more moisture than cotton. So it keeps the intimate area dry, even during an active lifestyle.

Modal itself is an ecological material. It is made of natural raw materials, namely cellulose fibres. These are obtained from beech wood. Moreover, its production uses much less water than the production of other fabrics.


Which men's boxer shorts should you choose?

Men's modal underwear is an ideal proposition for men who value comfort in any situation - regardless of the weather or activity. The material itself is light and airy and also perfectly absorbs moisture. It is also pleasant to the skin to which it adheres perfectly. Check also other materials from which men's underwear is made.

When choosing modal boxer shorts, be sure to pay attention to their size. The chart of men's underwear sizes will help you choose the right one. Thanks to it, you can choose underwear that will fit perfectly to your body and at the same time will not be uncomfortable. In this way, you will ensure yourself comfort and freedom of movement. No matter what situation you are in.

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