The Atlantic Sports Underwear line is dedicated to men who like an active lifestyle. For those who do not want to feel limited while breaking new sports records. For those who value comfort and a perfect fit.


Sporty fit


Atlantic men's sports underwear is just like that. In the process of its production, high-quality silky cotton is used.

High-quality cotton and special elastic bands made of microfibre ensure a high degree of fitting regardless of body shape The universal cut, lower waist than classic underwear, guarantee freedom of movement for all men.

There are two types of men's sports underwear available at Atlantic:

• men's sports briefs – highly cut around the thighs, with a universal side width;

• Men's sports boxer shorts – a sporty cut with standard-length legs and a low waist. Thanks to special cuts, they perfectly fit the body. They guarantee wearing comfort even during extreme activities.


Underwear for athletes

During physical activity, the focus should be on the activity being performed. It is, therefore, necessary to choose underwear that provides comfort –  even during the toughest training and unpleasant pressure. Sliding or any other discomfort will not distract you from your activity.

Atlantic sports underwear provides such comfort. It was created for active people. What distinguishes sports underwear?

• Quality –  at Atlantic we take care of every detail.

• Cotton +    men's sports underwear is made of cotton combined with elastic synthetic fibre, which makes it more durable and elastic. Such a mixture ensures a perfect fit to the body, thanks to which the underwear will stay in place during training, running or a match.

• High-quality band –  soft and flexible microfibre band, not only does not compress the waist but also ensures the stability of the underwear.

• Perfect fit –  Atlantic men's sports briefs and boxer shorts are perfectly contoured, thanks to which they fit perfectly to any body shape.

Find out more about the materials used in the production of Atlantic sports underwear

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