Taking care of underwear

The underwear is made from high quality, delicate knitwear, and that is why the best way to ensure a long lasting life of underwear is to manually wash it in temperatures not exceeding 30 celsius degrees. Do not rub, pull, or twist excessively while wet. twisting may damage the structure of the knit or other decorative elements. The underwear should be pressed to remove excess water and dried vertically. Hang until dry, the underwear may be hanged while it is still slightly wet.

If the underwear cannot be washed manually, please adhere to the instructions given on the inside of the product.

If washed mechanically, the underwear should be washed separately, or with delicates, by firstly putting the underwear in a separate bag. Please keep that in mind especially when washing bras. Bras should be zipped to prevent the damage to other underwear items. Do not mix with heavy clothing. Buttons, zippers etc. may damage the underwear.


Push-up bras must be washed manually in order for them to retain their original form.

Laundry is to be done using delicate detergents and softeners. Consider using detergents designed for children’s clothing. It will prevent any irritation for allergic persons.

Do not use chlorine to wash whites, otherwise they may turn yellow. .

Incorrectly washed underwear loses its original shape and color, and additional elements such as laces, ribbons, external waistbands etc. are easily damaged.


Our history has been going on for over two decades. From the beginning, we focus on the highest quality, soft-to-the-touch materials of which our underwear is made.

Our priorities are perfect fit, convenience and comfort of use, timelessness and the latest trends. We also pay great attention to the finishing processes of our underwear. Here, we focus on the most innovative technologies, thanks to which Atlantic underwear does not pill or shrink and can be worn for years.

Every detail matters to us. Designing underwear is our passion. This is what we know best.

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