Demanding men look for unique products. These include men's underwear made of Pima cotton. It is the most delicate and strongest variety of cotton in the world. At Atlantic, we use it to produce premium men's underwear. Find out more about the materials used in the production of Atlantic underwear.


The best cotton in the world

The best cotton in the world – this is how many people describe organic Pima cotton. It was named after the tribe of the American Indians who cultivated it first. Today, cotton plantations are located not only in South America but also in Australia and Peru.

Pima cotton owes its popularity to its outstanding properties. Its fibres are thicker and longer than ordinary cotton, which makes it more durable. This is one of the reasons why it is perfect for the production of men's underwear.


Products made of it are soft and pleasant to the touch. They also retain their colour longer because Pima cotton perfectly absorbs moisture while maintaining its colour.


Importantly, underwear made of Pima cotton is included in the Eco category. This is because no chemicals are used during its production. It is, therefore, less harmful to the environment than other types of cotton.


Men's underwear made of Pima cotton

At Atlantic, we offer a range of products made of Pima cotton. First of all, they are men's briefs and boxer shorts from the premium shelf. Men with sensitive skin should pay attention to them. Pima cotton does not cause allergies and is very pleasant to the touch.

At Atlantic, we also pay a lot of attention to the finishing processes of underwear and the smallest details. It is thanks to them that Atlantic underwear made of Pima cotton does not pill, does not shrink and can be worn for a long time.


This is one of the reasons why men choose underwear from our offer so eagerly. It is thanks to their customer loyalty that we are the leader in the field of men's underwear production in Poland.

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