Atlantic loose boxer shorts are the perfect choice for men who value comfort and convenience. Men's underwear is the most important element of an everyday outfit, so it is worth taking care of properly. Always choose good and high-quality products that will guarantee comfort of wearing.


Loose boxer shorts come with a classic cut, a standard waistline and legs reaching mid-thigh. Their loose cut ensures comfort and freedom of movement. The boxer shorts are made of 100% natural cotton, which is their great advantage. 


Loose boxer shorts: for sleeping or training?

Loose boxer shorts are suitable for both sleeping and training. If you value freedom of movement, this choice will be right for you. Among the proposals of the Atlantic brand you will find:

• white boxer shorts

• boxer shorts in shades of grey

• navy blue boxer shorts

• boxer shorts in shades of black

The offer also includes boxer shorts with an interesting design that will appeal to men looking for unusual proposals.


When choosing men's underwear, focus primarily on your comfort and convenience. Regardless of what you are doing at any given time of the day! Boxer shorts are a great solution for every man who always wants to feel stylish, fashionable and, above all, comfortable. Our Atlantic men's underwear guarantees all three of these. At the same time, you can choose a non-standard design, colour, cut and the looseness of your boxer shorts. If you don't have loose boxer shorts in your wardrobe yet, it's time to change it!


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