Cotton is a soft material that is pleasant to the touch and at the same time durable, resistant to stretching and high temperatures. The long list of advantages makes cotton an excellent material for underwear. We know this at Atlantic, which is why we are so eager to use its properties in our products.

Cotton men's underwear

We use the unique properties of cotton in many cuts of men's underwear. They include, among others:

• men's thongs,

• mini men's briefs,

• men's sports briefs,

• classic men's briefs,

• boxer shorts,

• men's loose boxer shorts,

• pajama shorts.

In each of the products, the use of cotton provides great wearing comfort. How it will eventually behave depends on the type of cotton. At Atlantic, there are two of them:

• 100% cotton (soft cotton)  – 100% cotton is subjected to the process of combing. Such material is soft to the touch and at the same time resistant to moisture and stretching, thanks to which it retains its properties after washing. Additionally, soft cotton provides antibacterial protection for your skin.

• Cotton with the addition of elastane (cotton stretch) – this type of material is referred to as cotton +. In the production process, it is enriched with elastane. This combination provides extraordinary comfort and at the same time, the material itself maintains delicacy and softness.


Unique underwear for men

Cotton is known as the queen of knitwear. Underwear made of it is soft, pleasant to the touch and durable. It is also very comfortable. Due to its properties, it provides a perfect fit to men's bodies. It is like a second skin that does not restrict movement.

Cotton underwear can last a long time. This material is resistant to the influence of moisture and high temperatures, so it can be washed in a washing machine and then ironed.

So it comes as no surprise that so many men choose Atlantic Men's Cotton Underwear. It not only impresses with its appearance but also with its durability. Additionally, cotton is not allergenic. Products made of it are therefore an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

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