Briefs are the most popular type of women's panties. It is worth having them in your wardrobe. Comfortable cut and perfect fit speak for them - they are perfect for high-waisted trousers and skirts and outfits. Thanks to subtle decorations and the perfect fit to the female body, they can be part of a casual lingerie set. There are many possibilities for their use! Check out cotton panties at Atlantic.


What is the difference between panties and thongs?


Among the types of women's panties, briefs and thongs are extremely popular. Thongs are tightly cut panties. Their back part consists only of a thin strip that reveals the buttocks.

Briefs are classic women's panties with a complete back. They cover a large part of the buttocks and are slightly elevated. An intermediate solution between strings and briefs are the so-called Brazilian panties – medium-height but at the same time exposing the female buttocks.


Women's panties - comfort and style for every occasion


The Atlantic Basic collection of women's underwear, which includes briefs, stands out for its exceptional standards. Cotton panties are a perfect solution every day - they provide comfort and convenience in every situation.


What distinguishes the Atlantic women's briefs?

  • High-quality knitwear - we use cotton, microfibre and modal for the production of women's underwear. These materials are soft, light and very pleasant to the touch. They perfectly absorb excess moisture and allow air to pass through. Atlantic women's briefs are cut so as not to irritate private parts of the body. They are suitable for sensitive and allergic skin.
  • Perfectly fitted to the body - the thin and elastic material from which the briefs are made makes them perfectly fit the female figure. Thanks to the special refinement processes that the material is subjected to, women's panties do not stretch or pill - even after many washes.
  • Interesting design - we offer briefs in several versions: mini, sport, brazil, bikini and hipster. You decide on the cut and character you choose - revealing the buttocks, with an elevated state or a subtle finish.
  • Guarantee of maximum comfort - thanks to high-quality materials and precise finishing, the underwear perfectly fits the female body. Additionally, it does not sensitize or irritate the skin. Do you want to feel maximum comfort in every situation? Combine selected women's briefs with your favourite Atlantic bra.


Each model of Atlantic panties is available in several colours and sizes.

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