If you are looking for the best quality, then you should choose Atlantic Performance underwear. They are the perfect boxer shorts for men who are looking for comfort, also during competitive sports activity. Long leg boxer shorts have enhancing cuts, they perfectly adhere to the body and fit perfectly to the body. A durable panel in the crotch and a breathable panel on the back guarantee freedom of movement and thus – better sports results!


Performance boxer shorts - perfectly fitted in every situation

Performance boxer shorts are the perfect choice for men who lead an active lifestyle. Why should you choose special underwear when practising sports and when at the gym? Perfectly fitting to the body boxer shorts with a sporty cut guarantee maximum comfort, even during intensive exercise. Performance boxer shorts have a low waist, with a wide and non-compressive, soft band and long legs. In addition, they have enhancing cuts, which additionally increase the feeling of comfort.


The boxer shorts are made of bamboo which is pleasant to the touch with the addition of flexible polyamide, which is a durable fibre. The bamboo material will make the problem of sweating, and hence, an unpleasant smell, leave you alone. The admixture of polyamide and elastin prevents this fabric from deforming, creasing, and also shrinking after washing. What is more, it dries quickly.


An additional advantage of the Performance series underwear is a breathable mesh panel sewn in at the back, as well as a durable panel sewn in in the crotch. In Atlantic underwear, training will be even more pleasant –  you will quickly find out about it, as soon as you try it out. Find out more about the material technology used to make Atlantic men's underwear.


The Performance Series Advantages

Performance underwear equals:

• the best quality of knitwear,

• perfect fit to the body,

• non-compressive exposed microfibre waistband,

• guarantee of maximum comfort,

• new technology.


This is underwear that you should just have in your wardrobe. And this regardless of whether you play competitive sports or not. If you focus on comfort and convenience and value quality    try the Atlantic Performance Series boxer shorts and you will not be disappointed!

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BOKSERKI PERFORMANCE to idealna bielizna do aktywności sportowych - w tym również najbardziej wymagających sportów wyczynowych. Bokserki mają długie nogawki i profilujące cięcia. Perfekcyjnie przylegają do ciała i dopasowują się do sylwetki. 




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