Are you going to the beach or swimming pool? We have some suggestions for you. Discover the Atlantic Swimwear collection. Atlantic swimwear is men's shorts and trunks made of high-quality polyamide, i.e., durable fibres. It is a material that does not deform and does not crease, thanks to this. the trunks will always look good on you. In addition, it is a material that does not shrink after washing and dries quickly. Polyamide is also resistant to sunlight, so your swimming trunks will keep their juicy colour for a long time.


Atlantic Beach Shorts

The material from which the Atlantic beach shorts are made has one important quality; the Fast Dry technology, which is a solution that allows the shorts to dry quickly. Our products are also a perfect fit and are available in various basic colours, such as:

• Navy blue beach shorts

• Black beach shorts

• Red beach shorts

• Yellow beach shorts

Gentlemen looking for non-standard colour combinations can reach for swim shorts with interesting patterns that are very eye-catching.


Atlantic men's swimwear

The second option is men's trunks. They come with a low waist and a slim-fit design. Inside, for comfort of wearing, they are finished with a lining. Their essential advantages are quick drying, resistance to sunlight and no shrinkage in washing.



How to choose men's swimwear?

Sports classics, original patterns or surf style? Men's beach fashion offers a great choice. So how do you choose the perfect beach shorts or trunks? It is important that the material fulfils the fast-dry function and is resistant to sunlight. You don't want to part with your beach shorts after the first exposure to the sun!

So go for polyamide with a bit of elastin. Moreover, it's good to have beach shorts with side pockets. They will be useful for a mobile phone or wallet. Atlantic men's shorts are finished with a string, thanks to which the shorts fit perfectly to the male body. If you want the perfect swimwear, go for men's trunks. The slim-fit material will guarantee comfort and convenience, even during intense exercise. The elasticated waistband and an additional string inside will guarantee that the trunks stay in place without causing discomfort. The perfect complement to the beach outfit will be comfortable men's t-shirts made of natural materials.

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