Balconette bra


Balconette is an extremely popular bra cut. In most models, this medium-length bra covers a significant part of the breasts. It is characterized by slightly rounded and horizontally cut cups, which give the bust a sensual character..


At Atlantic, you will find unique balconettes, including models in which the edges of the cups are finished with silicone stripes. This makes the bra hold the breasts - even after undoing the straps. It's the perfect option for strapless creations, evening gowns and summer outfits.


How to choose a bra size?


The most important feature of a properly selected bra is the maximum comfort of wearing it. For this to happen, it is necessary to choose the right size. How to choose a bra size? First measure the circumference of the chest and then the breast. We measure the circumference of the chest at the height of the bra - in one line. The obtained dimension should be rounded down to the nearest size in the chart. Now it's your breasts’ turn - make sure the measuring tape is straight, but not too tight on your breasts. Subtract the obtained measurement from the circumference under the breasts - this way you will get the cup size. If you have a problem with matching a bra, use the advice of a professional bra fitter in stationary women's lingerie stores.

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