Check out Novelties from the world of Atlantic underwear! Discover new collections - tailored to the upcoming season, current trends and ... your needs! Are you looking for a set of underwear? See women's bras and briefs. Do you need comfortable pajamas? Check out the homewear section and learn about the peach effect! Your wardrobe lacks a basic jacket or cardigan top? Discover women's cotton vests! The New Products section includes Atlantic brand products that have just appeared in our offer. In our online store, you will find unique product lines tailored to every season and occasion. Appreciate their comfort and outstanding design. Check out what's new.


Women's underwear for special occasions

At Atlantic, we offer women a wide selection of bras, panties and pajamas. In the Novelties section, you will find unique products that fit in with the latest lingerie trends! Thanks to universal cuts, the highest quality materials and designers who create underwear based on the perfect knowledge of the needs of the female body, our underwear is perfect.


High-end underwear

Designing underwear is our passion. This is what we know best. The latest models of Atlantic women's underwear are unique products based on the highest Atlantic standards. We include among them:

  • High-quality material - we use microfibre, modal and cotton for the production of women's underwear. These materials are soft, light and pleasant to the touch and at the same time very durable. On hot days, they perfectly cope with moisture, ensuring a pleasant airflow. They are friendly for delicate, sensitive and allergic skin. The Atlantic underwear production process is also environmentally friendly.
  • Fit to the body - in perfect adherence to the body, we use thin and flexible materials that perfectly fit the female figure. Thus, they guarantee maximum comfort, after all, no one likes distinctive seams or band sticking around the waist.
  • Unique design - women's underwear cannot be boring. It's a garment whose appearance matters. At Atlantic, we focus on original designs, interesting finishes and innovative technologies. A wide range of colours means that Atlantic underwear can accompany you everywhere - at a banquet, training, meeting with friends and in the bedroom.
  • Modern technology - unique technology is needed to create exceptional lingerie. Each fabric used in the production of Atlantic women's underwear - cotton, modal and microfibre - is subjected to special refinement processes that increase its durability and make it even more friendly for the body.
  • Maximum comfort - we know how important the underwear we wear is for everyday well-being. We are passionate about ensuring that the products we offer guarantee above-average comfort in every situation. We achieve this thanks to the use of hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory materials.
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