Why is bra fitting important?

Because a correctly selected bra:
• prevents posture defects
• prevents your bust from moving and helps keep your bust firm
• makes you look slimmer
• relieves the spine
• allows you to play sports

A comfortable and perfectly matched bra is worth its weight in gold. Really.


How to choose a bra size?
Choosing the right bra size is not the easiest task. This is proved by over three-quarters of women in the world who wear it in the wrong size. So keep your head up and let us explain how to do it right.

Bust measurement
Measure around the chest at the bra line. The measuring line should be straight, the tape must not run upwards at the back. Measure very tightly. Round a number down to the nearest size. This way you will get your bust size.

Measure around the fullest point of the breast. Make sure the tape is straight. Keep it close to your body but don't put pressure on it. Then subtract the circumference of the bust from the circumference under the bust. The difference you get is the cup size.


How to put on a bra?
Well, you've found your size. Now learn the secrets of the art of putting on a bra.

First, make the bra straps as long as possible. In the forward-leaning position, put your arms through them and insert your breasts into the cups, then fasten with the first (tightest) clasp on your back. Place the shoulder straps over your shoulders.

Put your hand in the cup, hold the underwire in the right place with your other hand and place the entire breast in the cup. The underwire should fit perfectly into the hollow below the breast, and the entire breast should fit into the cup. Make sure that nothing is sticking out on the sides or under the armpits.

While holding the underwires in place, shake your breasts lightly. They should fall into place in the cups and settle down well when you straighten up.

Finally, adjust the length of the straps. Remember that the circumference is to provide adequate support, so do not pull them too tightly. The shoulder straps should only slightly raise the breast. They cannot be pulled too tight, as they will press and irritate the skin. We usually only adjust the straps for the first time. The next time you put on a bra, it will have the right length.


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