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He seller - via moda sp. z o.o. (llc) based in Warsaw, Mokotowska 7/10, 00 - 640 Warsaw, registered by the regional court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, xii economic department of national court register number ncr:0000551916, TIN: 5252614419, nbrn: 361243059 being the owner of the internet store and the administrator of personal information which is gathered and processed within the means of activity undertaken by the company, takes utmost care to respect your privacy and the safety of information disclosed by you during the browsing of store and making of purchases in said store. to ensure this, the store takes all necessary action, and uses technical and organizational means available to the store to ensure the safety of processed information equal to threats and categories of information being protected, utmost caution is being exercised to protect the buyer’s personal information from being exposed to unauthorized persons, its loss or destruction.

Most actions related to processing personal information are described in the „privacy policy” tab.

Personal information is stored by the administrator for the duration of the period of an active account made by the client, and for the duration of realization of actions related to the order. It is also being stored to exercise complaint privileges or for the event of potential court proceedings.


The administrator has sole access to the stored personal information. The administrator does not disclose the information to third parties, not including exceptions described below.

  1. The administrator discloses personal information of the client to the deliverer in the range essential to realize the delivery.
  2. Personal information is disclosed by the clients during payment when using providers realizing financial transactions on-line. (Przelewy24). The information is processed by those providers. The seller does not have access to this information. It is recommended to read the code and privacy policy of the provider that processes said financial transactions.
  3. The store may co-operate with third parties (i.e specialized personal information storage providers or analytical services) for the purpose of services provided by these entities. In this case, those entities are not authorized to use the clients personal information in their own name. The information will always be processed for the needs, and in the name of and their actions are subject to the laws of currently binding law and the present privacy policy.
  4. The administrator reserves the right to disclose select information about the clients to the proper authorities or third party individuals requesting the disclosure of such information, in accordance with applicable legal basis, following the currently binding laws.
  5. Only authorized staff or co-operators, as well as authorized staff managing the store possess the access to the personal information gathered by the seller. authorized individuals must have appropriate enablement.


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