A bra is an indispensable element of every woman's clothing. It performs not only the practical function of supporting the bust and relieving the spine. In addition, it models, enhances and exposes the bust..

The bra must be comfortable. Thus, the quality of the bra is important and it depends on the material of which it is made and the bra’s cut..

Atlantic bras made of cotton and microfibre are comfortable to wear. Try all models of Atlantic bras: from balconette bras, through sensual push-up models, to bras for active women. In the Atlantic collection for women, you will find bras in sizes A to F, perfect for every figure!


Push-up bra


The name comes from a blend of two English words: push and up. This combination perfectly illustrates the effect that you can achieve with this sort of bra. Its design makes the bra bring the breasts closer together and effectively lifts them. As a result, the bust is exposed and enhanced. A push-up bra is perfect for wearing dresses, blouses and shirts with a deep neckline.


In the Atlantic collection for women you will find push-up bras in the following versions:


  • magic push-up bras – specially contoured cups can enlarge the bust by up to two sizes;
  • plunge push-up bras – deeply cut cups emphasize the bust, especially in a dress with a large neckline;
  • wing push-up bras – lifts and gently enlarges the bust. Non-compressive straps guarantee maximum wearing comfort.


All Atlantic push-up bras are made of microfibre, a lightweight, soft and super pleasant material that is perfect for everyday use as well as for special occasions.


Balconette bra


Balconette is an extremely popular bra cut. In most models, this medium-length bra covers a significant part of the breasts. It is characterized by slightly rounded and horizontally cut cups, which give the bust a sensual character..


At Atlantic, you will find unique balconettes, including models in which the edges of the cups are finished with silicone stripes. This makes the bra hold the breasts - even after undoing the straps. It's the perfect option for strapless creations, evening gowns and summer outfits.


How to choose a bra size?


The most important feature of a properly selected bra is the maximum comfort of wearing it. For this to happen, it is necessary to choose the right size. How to choose a bra size? First measure the circumference of the chest and then the breast. We measure the circumference of the chest at the height of the bra - in one line. The obtained dimension should be rounded down to the nearest size in the chart. Now it's your breasts’ turn - make sure the measuring tape is straight, but not too tight on your breasts. Subtract the obtained measurement from the circumference under the breasts - this way you will get the cup size. If you have a problem with matching a bra, use the advice of a professional bra fitter in stationary women's lingerie stores.

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