The sports style has also reached the underwear market. Sports models consist of briefs with a universal cut. They have a slightly lower waist than the Classic cut. They are cut high around the thighs and have various side widths. This is an extremely popular cut among young people and men with an active lifestyle. Sports underwear is addressed to people who appreciate, above all, a sporty style, natural materials and modern design.


Sports underwear (not only)

The Atlantic Sports Underwear collection is made of high-quality cotton; the so-called: cotton +. Why so? Because it has an extremely silky character because of special refining processes applied to the knitted fabric. What else will delight you in the Sports collection? Our sports briefs:

• are a perfect fit    the briefs have a universal cut, thanks to which they are perfect for everybody. Perfect for various activities, including training;

• are sports underwear –  perfect for physical activity;

• guarantee  maximum comfort –  sports briefs will not fail in any situation, keeping everything in place thanks to the innovative bands and enhancing cuts;

• have a non-compressive exposed microfibre waistband – the microfibre band is both flexible and non-compressive. It ensures the highest wearing comfort and has breathable properties due to the ability to conduct moisture. It is resistant to pilling and damage, it does not deform even after many washes. The non-compressive band is a guarantee that the briefs will remain in place and will not cause soreness, even during intensive training.


Sports Atlantic briefs are, above all, comfortable, but also a modern design that catches the eye. The most important thing for us is to provide all men with the comfort of wearing their underwear - daily, at the gym and on special occasions.

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