Men's underwear is the basis of everyday clothing. First of all, it should be comfortable to provide a man with a feeling of comfort every day. The Polish manufacturer of underwear – Atlantic – has a wide range of products for men.


  • men's thongs - perfectly expose and enhance the male buttocks;
  • men's mini briefs - guarantee 100 per cent comfort;
  • men's sports briefs - a universal cut for every situation;
  • classic men's briefs - they are strongly built-up, they fit perfectly for everybody;
  • tango men's briefs - high side cutouts and fitted waistband for active men;
  • men's boxer shorts - fit perfectly and at the same time do not restrict any movements, perfect for any occasion;
  • loose men's boxer shorts - ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement;
  • Men's long boxer shorts - innovative cut guaranteeing a perfect fit even in extreme situations.


Men's underwear - the most important features


Atlantic men's underwear primarily equals a perfect fit to the body. You don't have to worry that something will go wrong. A properly selected size of underwear will ensure comfort of wearing throughout the day, regardless of the situation. You must choose the cut and size that are right for you. Not sure what your size of briefs or boxer shorts is? Check the men's underwear size chart!


What should the briefs be made of? Atlantic cotton boxer shorts or bamboo briefs are products made of natural, breathable materials that protect against abrasions and burns.


What to consider when choosing men's underwear?


Underwear should be like a second skin, so it is important to choose the right materials and cuts tailored to the figure and activity. Choose underwear that is characterized by microfiber, elastic rubber. It is not embarrassing, does not leave marks on the body, does not constrict, and on the other hand, guarantees that the underwear will be in its place at all times.


Underwear by the Polish company Atlantic is the highest quality product that you should have in your chest of drawers. Take care of your comfort and convenience. Briefs and boxer shorts are one of the most important elements of the outfit - it is worth remembering and focusing on quality!

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