Men's briefs are one of the most popular pieces of men's clothing. It is undoubtedly the underwear that men choose most often, regardless of age. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but most of all they enhance the body look. Briefs are universal, they ensure comfort during any activity, whether it is walking, sitting at a desk or during training at the gym. This cut is fitting tight to the body and revealing the thighs. It is the perfect underwear for every man.


The best briefs for every man

Atlantic men's briefs are a must-have for every man. If you are looking for a comfortable and high-quality product, you've just found it. Here's what makes us different:


• high-quality fabrics Atlantic men's briefs are made of soft 100 per cent cotton, Pima cotton, i.e. a unique combination of cotton with elastane or ecological bamboo; all these materials are durable, resistant and absorb moisture. Cotton or bamboo briefs are also suitable for allergic men, as they do not cause allergies;

• perfect fit to the body   Atlantic briefs are perfectly contoured and thus are a perfect fit and a way to highlight the men’s qualities;

• non-compressive exposed microfibre waistband or elasticated waistband - bands of this type do not compress but ensure that the underwear fits in 100%. This is a guarantee that the briefs will remain in place at all times, even during special tasks;

• guarantee of maximum comfort  Atlantic briefs are made of the highest quality materials, which are subjected to special processes, strengthening the durability of the material and ensuring wearing comfort. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the unique softness;

• modern technology   Atlantic briefs are products that accompany you at all times. That is why we made sure that the material from which they are made does not pill and retains long-lasting softness and elasticity, even after many washes.


What types of briefs to check?

Atlantic offers the following models of men's briefs:


• Classic a classic model of briefs, which is comfortable to wear thanks to the well-built sides. All Classic models are made of 100% cotton, and the universal cut fits any type of body.

• Sports – with a lower cut than Classic briefs and highly cut around the thighs, they additionally contain elastane.

• Mini - underwear that will be perfect for trousers with a low waist. The cut of the briefs is low with narrow sides and the waist is finished with a barely visible elasticated waistband.

• Tango – prominently cut around the thighs with a delicate and exposed band made of microfibre with milk cotton thread.

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