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Choosing the right underwear is of great importance. The quality and comfort of wearing can have a big influence on our mood. This can be seen above all on tougher days when we automatically choose our favourite boxer shorts or men's briefs  –knowing that they will ensure adequate freedom. If you know that a lot of activities and challenges await you, choose microfibre underwear.


Underwear like a second skin

The best underwear is imperceptible. It should adhere well to the body, regardless of the figure, ensuring comfort and freedom of movement. So it should be like a second skin.

Microfiber underwear can cope with such challenges. Its advantage is the ability to drain excess moisture, making microfiber underwear perfect for training - microfiber itself is often used in the production of sportswear. The possibility of thermoregulation also speaks in favour of microfiber - it cools on warmer days and warms when it's cold.


Microfiber underwear for men

In addition to the fact that microfiber underwear provides maximum comfort during everyday duties, it also guarantees durability. The material does not pill and can be washed without losing its properties. Once bought, underwear will last for many years.


In addition, microfibre is also soft and pleasant to the touch. This is not the case with high-strength fabrics. Microfibre underwear is ideal for allergy sufferers. It does not cause irritation or allergies. So it protects the skin against redness.

At Atlantic, using microfibre, we create premium men's underwear, basic men's underwear and women's underwear. We take care of the smallest details in each of our products. We also introduce many processes of refining the material, thanks to which the exclusive men's underwear offered by us is ecological, resistant to shrinkage, velvety to the touch and can serve men for many years.


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